Mary X Reggie Whippet Puppies At 6 Weeks of Age.

The Mary X Reggie Whippet Puppies taken at 6 weeks of age on October 28, 2017.  These beautiful babies have already made their first journey in the car, and stayed in a motel.  Hard to believe, but they were so amazingly well behaved and clean.  They cried to get out of the kennel and eliminate in the x pen.  Whippets, of course are just clean by nature, so I shouldn’t be surprised by this.  At any rate, they took it all in stride.  They are all eating well and having a great time playing with their littermates.  We took these photos  in the motel room.  There were a couple that were not terribly cooperative……you will note that when viewing the photos…HA!  For the most part they were all quite well behaved.  As always, click on any photo to enlarge and then utilize the arrows to scroll forward or backward.  Several of these puppies are Available to the right homes.  Contact Pam Davis via email or telephone if you have an interest and want to discuss further details.  Enjoy the photos!